Friday, March 07, 2014

10 Things That Every Brand New Creator of Science Fiction Should Know

Being a science fiction creator is the most amazing adventure — you get to invent whole new worlds, brand new futures, and fantastic technologies, and you get to tell the most incredible stories about them. But it's also a tough and heartbreaking career path, whether you're in books, comics, movies or television. Here are 10 things that every brand new science fiction creator ought to know at the start.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Islamic Science Fiction
Islamic SF would be any science fiction story that is positively informed by Islamic beliefs and practices. A partial list of what is considered as Islamic SF would include any SF story that: - strives to state the existence of the One God. - deals in a positive way with any aspect of Islamic practices. - features a Muslim as one of its main characters and if the actions of this Muslim in the story reflect Islamic values. - takes on one or more Islamic teachings in a positive way.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Can My Robot Do Hajj For Me?

Can My Robot Do Hajj For Me?

for the past few years, I’ve worked as the Chief Technical Officer of one of the world’s largest consulting firms, where my job is to learn of the latest technologies on the market and figure out the most interesting and useful ways to deploy it for businesses.   With an international work force of sixty thousand employees in thirty-six countries, I’ve had to travel for the majority of my time to keep up with my employees and introduce them to these technologies that will make our company, and that of our clients, run more efficiently.
Last week, I found myself booked for two critically important meetings on the same day in two different cities, halfway around the world from each other: one in Boston where I am based and the second in Bangalore, India, where we employee close to three thousand. The meeting in Bangalore was to formally launch our new innovation center with key leadership members of our firm in the region.  I did attend the Bangalore meeting, and started my talk by greeting every person there, face to face, then walked them around the facility room-by-room while demonstrating the most cutting edge of technologies installed in the center including video screens for teleconferencing, and the latest in 3D printers.  The meeting was a huge success.
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